Rules & Automation

Sep 24, 2021

Are you ready to automate actions and critical tasks? We got you covered! Improve your process with Smart Rules!

Here are some actions you can automate by setting up rules:

  • Asks:
    • Cancel an Ask
    • Complete an Ask
    • Add Ask to a bundle
  • Steps:
    • Complete a step
    • Skip a step
    • Add a step
  • Create an Ask on another flow
  • Update field in a step form
  • Awesome! Use Content Variables with Rules (scroll to bottom)


How to Add a Rule

Let's get started by learning how to add a rule:

  • Go the Rules & Triggers tab in your flow 
  • Click Add Rule to start creating a rule
  • How to fill out the following fields:
    • *If this field : Select the field that you want to base an automated action off of 
    • *With this Condition : Select whether the field contents needs to match, be greater than, not exactly match, etc. the value you enter in the '*Is this value' box in order for the rule to move forward
    • *Is this value : Select or type out what the field answer needs to be to set the automated action off
  • Filling out 'Then' field

    • *Then the item: has the following options:
      • Ask - select this to Cancel, Delete, Complete, Duplicate Asks, or add the Ask to a Bundle
      • Ask+ - create a new Ask
      • Field - update field values 
      • Follower- add a follower to the Ask or Bundle
      • Note - add a note to a step
      • Step - reassign, complete, or skip a step
      • Step+ - add a new step
      • Webhook - send a webhook

There is a preview that will autofill as you create your rule. Make sure to double check the preview so you know the logic works!


The following video shows how to navigate to rules in your flow and what the setup looks like. The rule being set up is example of a rule assigning a step to Daniel because he is listed as the "Person Approving".



There are two rules that are dependent on who created the rule

  1. A rule that creates a new Ask
    • For this rule, it's best that the rule creator is the person who will own the new Ask
    • The rule will also work if the rule creator is on the team that owns the flow.
  2. A rule that adds an Ask to a bundle 
    • For this rule, it's required that rule creator is also the owner of the Bundle.


Example of Building a Rule

Example action: Adding an Ask to a bundle

For this rule I'm going to automate adding Asks to a bundle so they can all be grouped together and I won't have to manually add them. Once again, as the rule was built the preview bar showed exactly what the rule will do once I create a new Ask.


Duplicate, Edit, and Delete Rules

Now that my rule is created, I can always edit, duplicate or remove it.

  • In order to see these options just hover over your rule and the duplicate, edit, and delete icon will show in the top right corner of the rule


Duplicating a Rule

  • If you need your rule to work the same but assign the step to a different person, duplicating the rule is an easy way to save time. Once it's duplicated you can make a few edits instead of building from scratch again


Watch a short video with more details on how to automate using rules: Automating Actions with Rules


Using Rules + Content Variables

Example action: Changing the name of an Ask to include a value from a field in a step

For this rule I'm going to use the content variable {{field[consultant name]}} and I'll have the Ask name automatically changed to include the consultant name.


Using Rules + Hashtags

Example action: Automatically adding a hashtag/search label to an Ask based on a value.