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More Actions Menu

Apr 26, 2022

Located at the top of your flow is the More Actions Menu. Inside the menu you are able to get support, access Analytics, and more. 

Main Menu Options

  • Transfer flow owner 
    • This option will allow you to transfer a flow to be owned by another user or team, read more here
  • View Analytics 
    • This option will open Analytics on all open Asks of this flow version, read more here 
  • Delete All Asks 
    • This is useful if you have been testing out your flow and need to delete any test Asks 
    • By clicking this option you will be deleting all Asks that are open ono the current version of this flow
  • Email This 
    • By selecting this option, an email will open with a link to the flow. This way you can share the link and allow other owners quick access to it
    • Note: While you can send the link to anyone, only other owners will be able to access the flow
  • Open Support Case
    • If you have questions about your flow, features, or a problem that needs to be solved you can submit a case to our support team right from your flow!