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Version Control

Apr 14, 2022

Don't miss a beat with flow versions! Now you can have a flow in an 'edit' state while submitters use a live version. Keep teams working while you are working on the next version of your flow and maintain that momentum.

Draft Versions

When you create a new version of a flow, the flow will be in draft state. 

What does this mean?

  • You can make edits to your flow without effecting the previous version
  • The previous version of the flow is still in 'Live' state 
  • Anyone who creates an Ask from your flow will be creating an Ask from the live version (not the draft version)
  • Once you've finished your edits, click the Live toggle in the flow description
  • Only one version can be live at a time, the previous version will have the label 'Deactivated'


How to Create a Version

When you are in your flow, click the Create Version button to create a new version of your flow.

  • The new version will be in 'Draft' state 
  • The flow you previously had live will remain live
  • BEST PRACTICE!  Pick a set time to make a new version like once a month or once a quarter. Document changes and implement on a set timeframe.

Live Versions

The live version of the flow is where Asks are being created from.

  • The Live toggle is enabled.
  • Asks are being created from this version. 
  • If there are open Asks on the flow:
    • You will need to create a new version of the flow in order to make edits to step instructions

Even if your flow is in Live state, you can always change the settings on whether steps are skippable, external-facing, confidential, or if files are required!

Tips for using Flow Versions:

  • Inactive flows can be made active again if you need to revert back to that version.
  • Analytics and reporting are available by version, each version will have it's own set of analytics. Flow content and reporting data will match! 
  • Duplicating an Ask will only be available for the current live version of the flow.


Finding Flow Versions

Flow versions can be found on your Flows page or from the View Versions dropdown located in your flow.

From inside the flow 

  • Click View Versions in the top-right corner
  • The dropdown will show all versions of the flow, click on the version you'd like to open

From the Flows Page

  • Go to your Flows page, enable the Version History toggle 
  • Find your flow and click the dropdown arrow to the left of the name
  • All versions of your flow will show (draft, live, and deactivated)

Watch these short videos on Flow Versions: Version History and Flow Draft, Live, etc.