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Mar 14, 2022

At Pipeline it is a best practice to not have an individual own a flow, transfer the ownership to a team quickly and easily! Roadblocks can occur when there is only one person to make updates to a flow or answer any questions pertaining to it. 

Make a team the owner of your flow

  • Once your flow is ready to be used, change the owner from yourself to a team. A team owning a flow creates shared responsibility and removes you as the bottleneck
  • Recommended Creating a team that contributes to the process and needs to be aware of the updates 
    • Example: The HR team owns the flow responsible for submitting timesheets
  • Not Recommended Being the sole owner of the flow, where only you can see analytics and make changes. If only you own the flow, any Asks that need to be fixed, deleted, reopened, etc. you only have permissions. If you are out of town or in a meeting there is no one else to get in contact with to help.

When a team of people own a flow there is more opportunity to make edits, respond to questions about the flow, and check on the progress of Asks that are created. 

Ultimately, you can transfer flow owners for however you see fit, another example for ownership transfer would be if the process is handed to a different person in the team to oversee.

How to Transfer Flow Owners

  • Go to your flow and click More Actions located in the top-right corner of the flow overview
  • Select Transfer Flow Owner, the Transfer Flow Owner will pop up where you can enter another user's name or a team name

If you transfer a flow to another user or team you are not a part of you will no longer have access to the flow! If you need access to the flow again you will need to contact the new flow owner(s). 


Watch the following video to see how to quickly and easily transfer flow owners.