80% of companies believe they offer
great customer experience,
yet only 8% of their customers agree

Customer Experience Playbook

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Leverage industry best-practices through all 5 stages of the customer journey: preboarding, kick-off, orientation, execution, and engagement.

Create an experience, not a to-do list

Customers today are not satisfied with just following a Do-It-Yourself checklistĀ or watching webinars. They demand more service from their vendors.

Customers expect vendors to help them hit-the-ground-running, stay on task, and achieve their goals.

Avoid making the same mistake as other companies. Download our free Customer Experience Playbook to ensure your customers achieve their desired outcomes »

Be aware of these key statistics

73% of customers say customer experience is a key buying factor

32% of customers will abandon after just one bad experience

61% of companies say improving customer retention is their top challenge

80% of companies expect to compete mainly on customer experience

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Turn this playbook into an automated process

Ensure transparency and consistency with Pipelineapp.io

Orchestrate what to do

Instead of having tasks scattered across emails, phone calls, and files, have one central, master list of what needs to be done.

Detail how to do it

Embed clear instructions with governance to clarify expectations, minimize confusion, and ensure tasks are done correctly.

Automate hand-offs

Define roles & responsibilities and order of operations to create frictionless hand-offs from one person to the next, even across companies.

Track and measure performance

Monitor activities and analyze KPIs to make data-driven decisions, uncover bottlenecks, and improve over time.

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Clarify everyone's roles, responsibilities, and order of operations

Help people quickly understand how things get done, from start-to-finish, in an easy-to-read, visual format.

Clearly identify roles & responsibilities and order of operations to streamline and automate hand-offs.

Send clients to a secure, easy-to-use web form

SSL security. No login required. No apps to download.

Clarify tasks with embedded instructions and explainer videos. Ensure accuracy with required fields and validations. Even allow users to upload documents from their phone camera.

Secured with SSL and track every user activity, even when the email is opened.

Create a shared single source-of-truth

Eliminate confusion and back-and-forth because everybody has their own copy of the data.

Store information centrally in a Pipeline bundle and share it with collaborators across teams, departments, and even companies, so that everyone has access to the latest-and-greatest data.

Don't settle for just getting things done.
Get it done well.

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Pipeline has been a game changer for us, helping clients get things done correctly and on-time.

Not only was it easy for clients to use, we were also able to cut overhead and data errors by 50%!

Burt Copeland

CEO, NewLife CFO Services

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