75% of traditional training is forgotten in just 6 days

Aug 17, 2020 Insight Time & Productivity

In this episode of Leader-to-Leader, John examines a Harvard Business Review article talking about how the traditional way of training and learning is not only ineffective, it's downright wasteful. 3:08 mins

The article lists the 3 key reasons why:

  1. People learn the wrong things. Sometimes, it’s too generic and not applicable to their specific job.
  2. People learn at the wrong times. You’re teaching them to run before they can even walk.
  3. People quickly forget what they learned if it’s not used immediately. In fact, research shows that we forget 75% of what we learned after just 6 days.

That’s like paying for 4 hours of training and just to remember 1! Think of how much time, energy, and money is wasted as a result.

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