Manage requests across teams, departments, and even companies

Clearly identify everyone's roles and responsibilities

One key reason why teams underperform is due to undefined roles and confusion about who is doing what. This issue is most pronounced for cross-functional or matrixed teams because they often lack a defined structure. As a result, things consistently fall through the cracks.

Eliminate confusion by clearly identifying everyone’s roles and responsibilities and, most importantly, the order of operations.


House all information in one central location

A typical downside to working across teams, departments, and third-party agencies is that key information often gets scattered across multiple emails, documents, sharepoints, and tools. As a result, keeping everything in sync becomes tedious and time-consuming.

Eliminate the inefficiency and unnecessary duplication of data by housing all the information in one central location that everyone can access.


Stay on top of changes and updates

Changes to requests are inevitable in today's climate. Managing and communicating changes across a myriad of emails, documents, and tools is tedious, error-prone and easy to miss. As a result, research shows that 1 out of 3 workers reference incomplete, inaccurate or outdated information on a weekly basis.

Pipeline automatically tracks conversations and changes to ensure everyone stays on top of the latest updates.