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  • Assess financial data compliance for GDPR
  • Reimburse for Expenses
  • Submit invoice or payment request
  • Assess HIPAA compliance
  • Comply with Subject Access Requests for GDPR
  • Create an RFP
  • Order custom suppliers
  • Order group meals or catering
  • Reserve a conference room
  • Reserve a company car
  • Submit ideas or suggestions
Customer Success
  • Onboard new customer
  • Prepare and execute customer Quarterly Business Review
  • Submit support case
Human Resources
  • Arrange employee training
  • Evaluate ideas with 6 thinking hats
  • Offboard employee
  • Onboard new team member
  • Renew company benefits
  • Request leave of absence
  • Request time off
  • Submit travel plans
  • Submit timesheet
  • Contact us
  • Request marketing asset or collateral
  • Update web content
  • Onboard new sales person
  • Respond to RFP
  • Setup customer reference call
  • Execute scrum sprint
  • Get technical support
  • Request software license
  • Salesforce Lightning Rollout:
    Phase 1: Discover
  • Salesforce Lightning Rollout:
    Phase 2: Roll-out
  • Salesforce Lightning Rollout:
    Phase 3: Optimize