Create, manage, and share flows across teams, departments, and companies

Ensure processes are followed consistently

Eliminate mistakes and inconsistent results due to undocumented or manual processes.

Clarify everyone's roles and responsibilities and the order of operations to ensure consistency and repeatability.


Make sure steps are completed correctly

Avoid mistakes, incomplete deliverables, and rework because of missed details.

Ensure that steps are completed correctly by embedding instructions with the task so that important details will not be overlooked.


Track analytics and team performance

Stop wondering about team performance, bottlenecks, and what needs to be improved. 

Monitor performance and track KPIs to review trends, optimize resources, ensure SLA compliance, and identify bottlenecks.


Mature and refine flows over time

Use metrics and analytics to make data-driven decision and refine flows over time.

Manage the process lifecycle, created drafts for testing, track changes, and compare performance between versions.