Create structured workflows to manage and mature your processes

Set and manage requester expectations

Managing requester expectations is critical to ensuring smooth operations. Mismatched expectations on costs, timing, deliverables, etc. can quickly turn a simple request into a crisis.

Pipeline provides you the capability to describe the workflow and set proper expectations for the requester, ex: itemizing pre-requisites, detailing costs, and outlining the deliverables. This helps the requester to clearly understand what is expected of them and what the expected deliverables are before they submit.


Get structured data from requesters and step owners

Without a structured form, requesters and step owners can provide as much or as little information as they wish, causing issues for downstream workers because the data is sparse and incomplete. 

Use Pipeline to standardize data gathering by creating structured forms for request submission and step completion. In addition, eliminate any data-entry errors by adding fields with defined options, date pickers, and validations to ensure that you receive accurate data upfront.


Standardize and mature repeatable processes

Research indicates that it can up to 8 months for new-hires to reach the same productivity level as existing employees.

Accelerate a new-hire's time-to-productivity by using Pipeline to embed knowledge with the task, so that task owners get the instructions they need when they need it. This greatly improves onboarding for new-hires, contractors, and suppliers, because it eliminates errors due to ineffective and incomplete knowledge transfers.