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Pipeline makes it easy and simple for everyone to get things done

Clearly identify everyone's roles and responsibilities

Stop letting things fall through the cracks because there was confusion about who is doing what. Achieve clarity and maintain accountability by identifying upfront everyone’s roles and responsibilities and, most importantly, the order of operations.


Discover insights on how to improve and streamline

Automatically track KPIs on requests, such as volume, time-to-completion, resource load, etc. Monitor these KPIs to uncover bottlenecks, business continuity risks and opportunities for improvement.


Ensure you get all the data you need before you start

Eliminate the mistakes and confusion due to requesters and step owners providing sparse or incomplete information. Standardize data gathering by creating structured forms for submitting a request and completing a step.


Receive world-class support for you and your users

Don't worry about having to wear yet another hat. Our customer success team will provide the training and software support for both your team and for your end-users so that you are free to just run your business.


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