Use forms to collect data easily and accurately

Ensure you get all the requirements upfront

Stop working from incomplete or inaccurate requirements and wasting time chasing answers.

Eliminate confusion and any unnecessary back-and-forth by creating structured forms so that you get clear, accurate requirements before you begin.


Eliminate mistakes from data entry

Get rid of free-form responses from emails and spreadsheets, because they are error-prone.

Use fields with discrete options and date pickers to ensure users provide you with correct data.


Add conditional fields and validations

Avoid long and confusing forms by adding conditional fields, which hidden by default and only appear when certain options are selected.

Minimize data entry errors by adding validations to make certain fields required.


Make sure you get the files you need

Eliminate the back-and-forth because someone forgot to attach their files.

Using validations, make sure that submitters upload the files you need to get started.