Create a single source of truth accessible by everyone

Create a single source of truth for all parties

It's confusing to have data scattered across a myriad of emails, files, and systems. In addition, keeping everyone on the same page becomes tedious and time-consuming.

Eliminate confusion by storing data centrally and sharing the bundle with team members from other departments and even other companies.


Group requests together for easy access

Finding requests and making them easily accessible is a challenge. Some tools employ tags, but with tags, you are often limited to one-word descriptions and you cannot share tags with others—not a good solution.

With Pipeline, group different requests together across various teams and workflows into a Bundle that gives you one-click access to those requests. And more powerful than just a tag/label, Pipeline bundles enables you to monitor bundle progress, add descriptions, upload files/images, add links, and even share the bundle with others. 


Track progress across multiple work streams

Stop aggregating and reporting status via emails, spreadsheets, or status meetings.

Bundle Asks across multiple work streams into an instant, real-time dashboard to track and monitor progress.