Email Integration

Enjoy the power of structured workflows with the ease of email

Be notified when you need to take action

Determining who needs to take action can be confusing when team members are coordinating tasks over email or shared documents. Inevitably, miscommunications will occur.

Pipeline eliminates the confusion by always notifying the proper person or team responsible for the task. In addition, Pipeline will embed the instructions on how to complete task with the notification—saving time and eliminating mistakes.


Create structured Asks with emails

Due to email's popularity, there could be many scenarios where you have to support email from customers, systems, and tools.

So, let customers and systems create Asks with the ease of email and give your team the benefit of structured workflows with Pipeline's email integration.


Stay up-to-date on progress and status changes

Keeping everyone up-to-date on the latest status and progress can be time-intensive and tedious—especially if you are juggling multiple requests at the same time.

Eliminate manual work and unnecessary meetings with automatic updates sent to all parties.