Email Integration

Enjoy the power of structured workflows with the ease of email

Be notified when you need to take action

Determining who needs to take action can be confusing when team members are coordinating tasks over email or shared documents. Inevitably, miscommunications will occur.

Pipeline eliminates the confusion by always notifying the proper person or team responsible for the task. In addition, Pipeline will embed the instructions on how to complete task with the notification—saving time and eliminating mistakes.


Create requests by simply sending emails

Too often, workflow tools make creating requests complicated and confusing. That’s why users default to working in emails—it’s quick, simple and easy. Unfortunately, emailing requests lacks structure and organization, which makes managing and tracking progress extremely difficult.

Pipeline’s email integration gives you the best of both worlds—the power of structured workflows and the ease of email.


Receive status and progress updates in email

Sending timely updates is critical for effective communications, yet for many teams, this work is manual and research intensive. In fact, 2 out of 3 workers spend 1-4 hours a week tracking down and reporting on status—a huge inefficiency.

Pipeline automatically sends updates to appropriate parties—eliminating the manual work. In addition, the notifications clearly identify all the step owners, so if progress stalls, everyone knows who is responsible.