Only 38% of employees feel they're being properly trained in new processes and tools

As everyone adapts to the new normal of the remote workforce or hybrid workforce, are employees being trained and equipped to use new processes, apps, tools, and technologies?

As CIO Dive reporter, Kathryn Moody notes from a recent IBM survey, companies are vastly overestimating how must support and training they offer to employees:

74% of employers said their organizations helped employees learn the skills needed to work in new ways, [but] only 38% of employees said the same.

This huge disparity is not a recipe for success. As Emmett McGrath, President of Yoh Staffing Services observes:

68% of employees face challenges with their workplace software technology.

The cause, as McGrath states, is:

As the workplace has become more reliant on technology, it’s clear that today’s workers are increasingly frustrated by the constant changes, upgrades, updates and outdated software they’re forced to use on a daily basis...

As Moody writes, to prevent these frustrations from reducing productivity and creating job fatigue, today’s companies must have a strategic approach to how they purchase and deploy workplace tech and training.

Do you have a system that can help you ensure that your employees are properly trained and equipped? If not, now is the time to start, because training and equipping doesn't happen by accident.

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