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Let external users track progress »

Want to give your external users (customers, vendors, etc.) the ability track their progress like they can with delivery packages? Pipeline makes that easy!

Process approvals and kickbacks automatically »

It is very common in workflows to have steps where an approval needs to be captured or a disapproval needs to be handled. Pipeline has made handling approvals easy with the Approval step.

Create a seamless and personalized customer experience »

Customers today want an experience that can adapt in real-time to their needs and interactions. With Pipeline, you can personalize every customer interaction so that you can deliver the experience that customers demand today.

Send reminders and follow ups automatically »

If you need someone to do something for you, it's not uncommon to have to follow-up 3 or 4 times. Let Pipeline to automatically send reminders and follow-ups as part of your flow, so that you don't have to worry about it anymore!

Add intentional delay(s) to your Flow »

When managing a flow, there are often scenarios where an intentional delay needs to be added, because the flow should not automatically proceed to the next step. With the Delay step, Pipeline can easily manage this for you.

73% of workers are planning to change jobs in the next 2-3 years »

"The world is entering into a talent migration that's bigger than anything we've seen before," says LinkedIn CEO, Ryan Roslansky. How big? 73% of workers are planning to change jobs in the next 2-3 years, and 40% of workers are actively looking for a new job right now.

Send personalized email notifications automatically »

Tired of sending out email notifications and updates to stakeholders? Use Pipeline to automatically send personalized email notifications as part of your flow, using email-only steps, content variables, and content formulas.

Turn your external steps into a step-by-step wizard »

Do you need your external step owners (customers, vendors, etc.) to provide lots of information to you? Break down your Ask into a step-by-step wizard!

81% of workers lost time because they used the wrong version of a file »

The vast majority of knowledge workers lose time each day on document versioning issues, like searching for the right version of a file or working on an outdated document.

Slow down and give clients a real solution, not a quick-fix »

A quick-fix may seem like the best way to resolve client issues, but taking the time to fully understand and resolve the issue turns clients into passionate promoters.

Level up your process mapping with swimlanes »

Do you have a complex flows with many participants? Need an easy way to see your flow by role? Now you can see your flow as a swimlane or cross-functional diagram!

Make your Smart Instructions even smarter with Variables, Formulas, and Conditions »

Transform plain, text instructions into something intelligent, clutter-free, easy-to-understand, and immediately actionable.

Onboard your remote employees and help them build social capital »

The best customer experience starts with successful and competent employees. Increase employee retention and fulfillment by onboarding well and making social capital a priority.

Tidy up with a Step Group »

Calling all tidying aficionados! Whoever said organization was just for the home? Are there steps in your flows that need to be started at the same time, instead of one after another? Organize these steps together into a Step Group!

Your new hire just logged on for the first time. Now what? »

Before they can start contributing and adding value, new hires need to know: what to do, how to do it correctly, who are their key stakeholders, etc. Building that solid foundation isn't going to happen by accident.

Search using #hashtags »

Need a way to quickly find Asks based on keyword? Want to easily group Asks based on a topic? Now, you can with hashtags! Just like you would on Twitter and Instagram, simply add the hashtag(s) to your note.

Transport form field values from one step to another »

Capture form field values on the Create Ask form or a step form and automatically transport that same value into other steps as Smart Instructions.

Balance confidentiality and transparency on your flows »

At Pipeline, we believe in providing transparency on your flows. However, transparency does not mean sharing every detail of your process with everyone. Sometimes, confidentiality may be essential to your business.

Create great customer experience, increase loyalty, and prevent customer churn »

73% of customers say customer experience is a key buying factor. And, the business impact is clear—great customer experience leads to increased sales and customer loyalty, while poor customer experience leads to directly churn.

Only 38% of employees feel they're being properly trained in new processes and tools »

As everyone adapts to the new normal of the remote workforce or hybrid workforce, are employees being trained and equipped to use new processes, apps, tools, and technologies?

Only 8% of customers say they get great customer experience »

In this episode of Leader-to-Leader, John takes a deep dive into a Harvard Business Review article talking how customer experience will be more important than price.

Secure your GSuite and protect against hackers »

As companies rush to move work online, they're vulnerable to hackers who are looking to take advantage of misconfigurations in cybersecurity. Check your GSuite security settings now.

Automate repetitive actions with Smart Rules »

As humans, we can only do so much in a day. With automation, we can do much more, every day. Did you know that as a flow owner you can automate the necessary but repetitive actions?

Make steps skippable for step owners »

Skipping steps—it's bad for the ankles, but great for your flows. As flow owners, there are going to be times when a step is simply not needed. For those times, you can allow the step to be skipped and closed.

Track email opens »

Are you tired of waiting for responses to your emails? Tired of people saying, "I never got your email"? Do you want to know for sure if your email was opened or not? Now, you can, because Pipeline tracks email opens!

Bad-hires in the new normal »

39% of chief financial officers surveyed by Robert Half International said that bad hires had cost them productivity, and supervisors spend 17% of their time—which is about one day per week—managing poorly performing employees.

"Garbage in" costs you 15-25% of revenue »

In this episode of Leader-to-Leader, John looks at a MIT Sloan Management Review article talking about how bad or inaccurate data costs you 15-25% of revenue.