81% of workers lost time because they used the wrong version of a file

Collaborating and sharing documents with clients, vendors, and coworkers is an everyday activity. So, are we collaborating in an effective manner?

Mikita Mikado, writer for Business.com, notes that according to a recent Harris Interactive survey:

92% of knowledge workers edit and share documents over email.

And since all these documents live in email, how do people keep track of document changes? Because, documents change frequently.

As Harris discovered in their survey, most workers having trouble staying on top of changes:

81% of knowledge works found themselves working on a wrong version of a file, and 82% are frustrated by the experience.

Mikado notes that:

[Tracking changes] is a cumbersome process because [these] emails pour into the same inbox as hundreds of other emails, making it hard to keep track of who has done what with each document.

And unfortunately, the consequences of losing track can be severe, including: 

  • Damaging a relationship with a boss or coworker,
  • Making a poor impression with a client,
  • Losing a business opportunity,
  • Spending hours doing rework,
  • And, even job loss

Do you have a system that can track document changes, specifically who did what with each document? If not, it's time to start thinking about a document intake and management strategy.

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