Remote work is here to stay, so we need to adapt

Given the current situation, it's clear that remote work is not the short-term, stop-gap solution that everyone initially thought it was going to be. Instead, it's becoming the new normal, and businesses need to adapt.

As Tom Warren, reporter for The Verge notes:

It’s clear Microsoft sees the pandemic changing things forever. “I really feel this will be a turning point for how we work and learn because there are just some very real practical things happening that will mean we’ll never go back to the old way,” predicts Jared Spataro, head of Microsoft 365.

If part or all of the workforce is going to be remote for months instead of weeks, companies need to adapt in order to make sure that all their critical business processes (i.e. onboarding new-hires, ensuring all their apps are installed and configured correctly, providing remote training or e-learning, etc.) continue running smoothly.

And, the foundation that everyone needs in this new normal is having tools and apps, like Pipeline, that bring can clarity, transparency, and accountability to every critical business process, so get started today!

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