Virtual or remote school still qualifies employees for EFLMA

Aug 24, 2020 News Template

Business are looking to get back to a sense of normalcy with all the new and changing laws for the coronavirus. Just when we think the end is in sight, a new challenge arises and more employees are needing to take EFMLA.

According to Mary Kathryn Curry, Associate at the National Law Review, the Department of Labor has had to decide on special circumstances as kids go back to school.

"If a school or place of care has moved online – where children are expected to complete assignments at home – then it is indeed considered “closed” for purposes of the FFCRA, and employers are required to provide leave to eligible employees."

As Jennifer Liu of CNBC reports,

A major benefit of this program is that, unlike filing for unemployment insurance, the Families First leave allows workers to retain their workforce attachment and, importantly during a global pandemic, their health insurance and other employer benefits.

This in addition to the end of year tax credit planning are two important reasons to obtain and use a template like our EFMLA flow.

Our customizable 5-step and thorough flow will help you facilitate the 10 additional weeks of leave accessible for those who are impacted by COVID-19 virus in specific and direct ways. It will help guide you through important documentation practices and protocols to get through this pandemic with a little less stress.

Contact Us Ready to started using this template now? Contact us and we can help you download, customize, and roll-out this flow for your organization without a lot of work.

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