Onboard your remote employees and help them build social capital

Onboarding new employees has always been a critical piece to delivering a great service or product. And, it's even more critical now as remote or hybrid work has become permanent post-pandemic.

As Ph.D. sociologist and the author of The Secrets to Happiness at Work, Tracy Brower asks:

How would you welcome, train and engage new employees with social distancing, little time in the office and such unusual circumstances?

Brower continues:

Keep in mind your ultimate goal [for onboarding] is to help employees build social capital - networks of people and information which help them learn, grow and get their work done. It facilitates faster, more thorough decision-making and increases retention and engagement of your staff.

Therefore, managers must take the time to think through the best ways to bring a new employee into the fold, especially if the new hire is remote or hybrid.

As Arlene Hirsch, writer for SHRM, notes:

New hires who experience such badly planned and executed initiations may conclude that the organization is poorly managed and decide that it was a mistake to take the job. 

Use our pre-built template for Onboarding a New Team member to guide you through the all the key activities, such as setting up team equipment, attending pre-scheduled one-on-one's, walking through video conference standards and social “outings” online. All these activities help the new hire gel with their new teammates and build social capital.

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