It's not just you. Everybody is drowning in apps.

Technology is constantly changing and with it comes an ever increasing number of apps to keep up with. If you feel overwhelmed, you're not alone.

Everybody is drowning in apps, even in the workplace.

According to a recent Forrester report based on 1,000+ respondents, they found:

  • Employees are drowning in apps: Organizations with more than 20k+ employees use an average of 367 software apps. Employees use an average of 52 different spreadsheets and apps each week.
  • Everything is fragmented: All those apps lead to data silos and disconnected workflows for teams and organizations. More than a third of respondents (37%) said maintaining a single source of truth for data and information is a major challenge.
  • Working across apps is frustrating and time-consuming: Trying to get something done requires constant app and context switching. As Josh Brenner, CEO of notes, "A typical company’s tech stack could require an employee to switch between 4-5 different apps just to complete one task."
  • Siloed teams and organizations aren't productive: Disconnected teams and siloed data & processes result in a 24% drop in productivity across the organization. On average, respondents said they spend 30% of their week just searching for the right data to do their jobs.
  • Employee engagement and morale is suffering: 59% of employees thinks there's too much friction in order to get things done.

And the root cause of all this? As Shannon Kalvar, research director at IDC, explains:

  • Lack of solution awareness: Teams unknowingly recreating existing solutions.
  • Uncoordinated solution development: Teams solving problems in insolation and therefore, duplicating efforts.

Do you have a holistic process for app governance in your organization, from purchase request to training & enablement to roll-out? If not, it's time to start putting one in place. Let Pipeline help you put a structured workflow in place to help you manage your app ecosystem.

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