Start onboarding your customers automatically after they DocuSign

When your customer signs your agreement, they are excited, motivated, and cannot wait to get started. So, build on their excitement by getting them started on your digital onboarding process and give them some immediate quick wins.

Common examples include:

  • Have your customer watch a short onboarding video of key next steps and roles & responsibilities
  • Start exchanging contact information
  • Start collecting key details from customers: billing information, tech/software inventory, system credentials, etc.

Keep the ball moving instead of making your customers wait for a meeting.

Pipeline makes all this easy for you with a native integration with DocuSign!

Simply go to the Settings tab for your customer onboarding Flow and find the DocuSign Integration section.

And, download the DocuSign file for the flow.

Also, make sure your flow has the following:

Next, go into DocuSign, go to Settings → Account → Brands and upload the DocuSign file.

And finally, update your DocuSign template(s) to use this new brand.

With this integration, after someone signs via DocuSign, they will be automatically be taken to the first step in your customer onboarding flow!

Next Steps

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