Automate repetitive actions with Smart Rules

Sep 28, 2020 News Feature

As humans, we can only do so much in a day. With automation, we can do much more, every day.

Did you know that as a flow owner you can automate the necessary but repetitive actions that take place on every Ask that is created from your flow?

For example, you can add rules that will:

  • Cancel, complete, delete or duplicate an ask… automatically
  • Spawn a new ask from a different flow… automatically
  • Update a step’s form fields… automatically
  • Complete, skip, or add a step… automatically
  • Reassign a step to a different step owner… yep, you guessed it… automatically

That’s right, you can automate repetitive actions that are currently being done manually by you and your step owners. All you have to do is add some rules to your flow and when the right conditions are met, the rules will be triggered. When that happens, you'll see actions executed by rule in the activity feed.

You and your step owners can sit back and watch rules fire off like beautifully-timed fireworks… automatically.

Next Steps

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Automate repetitive actions using Smart Rules so that step owners don't have to perform those actions manually, making your Flow more efficient and streamlined as a result.

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