Slow down and give clients a real solution, not a quick-fix

Aug 26, 2021 News Template

So often, we are focused on finding a quick solution to get our clients up and running as fast as possible that we ignore the underlying problem. This can lead to the same issue coming up time and time again, because quick-fixes ultimately wastes time and resources.

As Daniel Newman, Principal at Futurum Research, writes in Forbes:

Your organization's first question when you encounter a customer issue shouldn't be, “How can we fix this?" but rather, “How can we prevent this from happening again?”

The answer to that question is the one that leads to real change and improvement within your company.

So instead of immediately trying to fix the issue, slow down to do a proper intake of the customer issue. This not only helps you identify a root cause, but it also reassures the client that they've been heard and understood.

As Newman advises:

When you listen to the customer, you go deeper. You’re asking, “What is this person really saying he or she needs in the long run?”

When organizations take a quick-fix approach to customer service, they often fail to address the root cause of the complaint in the first place.

That why, it's essential to follow a structured process, like our pre-built template for Support Cases, to conduct comprehensive testing and a root cause analysis to ensure that the underlying issue doesn't happen again.

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