Transport form field values from one step to another

Jan 16, 2021 News Feature

In Pipeline, flow owners can set up a flow to capture form field values on the Create Ask form or a step form and automatically transport that same value into any step that they wish. This form field value can then be displayed to step owners as Smart Instructions on the Ask.

Simply go to into the instructions textbox on the Flow Details screen and start typing {{field.

A popup will appear with all the form fields used in the flow. Just select the field you want, and Pipeline will automatically update the Smart Instructions with the form field value:

Why would you want to do this, pray tell?

Well, the happy benefits would include the ability to:

  • Maintain a consistent single source of information to be shared across different steps and different step owners, especially if the shared information is updated AFTER a step is completed
  • Reduce the risk of mistakes by using automation to replicate and keep information up-to-date
  • Eliminate the need for manual copying, pasting, and uploading of the same information into more than one step (when it is needed by more than one step owner in order to complete their own step)
  • Save step owners from having to dig through previous steps to find the information they need to complete their own step


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