Quickly enact remote work policies with these free HR templates

In light of the sudden remote work and telecommuting initiatives, we’re offering our remote work policies as free templates so that business owners can be in compliance with state and federal regulations around remote work.

You need these 2 policies at a minimum:

  • Telecommuting Policy
  • Bring-Your-Own-Device Policy
 Telecommuting Policy

This policy governs remote work, and specifically, clarifies that it’s the worker’s responsibility to provide a safe working environment (i.e. a home office).

Otherwise, the employer could be liable for on-the-job injuries claims.

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 Bring-Your-Own-Device Policy

This policy governs how workers use personal equipment to do their jobs, which especially affects telecommute workers.

This policy covers things like data security, data privacy, and equipment reimbursements. Specifically, certain states (i.e. California) require employers to reimburse certain expenses for telecommute workers. This policy gives you the reimbursement formula based on 8hrs/day.

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Additional Resources
  • SHRM: Remote Work Policies Should Now Stress Flexibility
    Organizations are implementing remote-work arrangements for their employees due to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak—many for the first time—and need to be able to outline expectations and guidelines for working outside the office.

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