Make steps skippable for step owners

Sep 28, 2020 News Feature

Skipping steps—it’s bad for the ankles, but great for your flow.

As flow owners, it would be wonderful if our flows worked perfectly each time an ask was created from them. However, there are going to be times when a step may not be needed. For those times, instead of allowing your step owners to falsely mark a step as completed (when they simply want to close it), you can allow the step to be skipped and closed.

This way, you can give your step owners the ability to simply close a step if they do not need to actually complete the step.

As a bonus, you’ll have more accurate information recorded in your flow analytics.

For example, if the data shows that the same step is skipped all the time, then this is actionable insight to optimize and improve your flow. You can know and decide with confidence that the step should be removed from the next version of your flow.


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