Start qualifying your leads automatically after they book a meeting in Calendly

Jul 5, 2022 News Feature

When your prospect schedules a meeting with you to talk, they are clearly interested and motivated to learn more. So, build on their enthusiasm by getting them started on your digital lead qualification process to identify whether they'd be a good fit.

Common use-cases include:

  • Have your prospect watch a short video on what to expect during the meeting: who should be there, what to bring, etc.
  • Start building a basic lead profile: industry, company size, etc.
  • Start identifying their current situation and satisfaction at a high-level
  • Start identifying timeline expectations and level of urgency

Collect answers to these basic questions before your sales meeting, so that you're not wasting your prospect's time during the meeting.

Pipeline makes all this easy for you with a native integration with Calendly!

Simply go to the Settings tab for your lead qualification Flow and find the Calendly Integration section.

And, copy the Redirect Url. Also, make sure your flow has the following:

Then, go to your Calendly event and update the Confirmation Page section:

  • On confirmation Redirect to an external site
  • Redirect Url [paste your flow's Redirect Url]
  • Check Pass event details to your redirected page
    • Note, if your Calendly form has Phone, make that the first custom field.

With this integration, after someone schedules a meeting via Calendly, they will be automatically be taken to the first step in your flow!

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Want to kick-off your Pipeline process immediately after your customer schedules a meeting in Calendly? Here's how to set up a native integration. Zapier not required!

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