Business Continuity

Eliminate risk and minimize disruptions when changes occur

Review and assess your business processes

Change and turnover is a constant reality in today's business world. In fact, research shows that 1 out of 5 employees turn over every year, affecting your organization, your suppliers, and your partners.

Pipeline helps you make your businesses processes resilient to change by clearly mapping out tasks and task owners. This exercise will help identify areas of single points of failure and, therefore, require cross-training and contingency planning. 


Uncover bottlenecks and eliminate risks

Pipeline automatically tracks and monitors KPIs, including request volume, time-to-completion, resource load, etc. These KPIs help uncover bottlenecks and risks in your organization.

Continuously monitor and analyze these KPIs to identify opportunities for improvement using techniques like Six Sigma, Lean, etc. KPI goals and targets should be set to continuously reduce risks and increase resiliency.


Accelerate your onboarding and time-to-productivity

Research indicates that it can up to 8 months for new-hires to reach the same productivity level as existing employees.

Accelerate a new-hire's time-to-productivity by using Pipeline to embed knowledge with the task, so that task owners get the instructions they need when they need it. This greatly improves onboarding for new-hires, contractors, and suppliers, because it eliminates errors due to ineffective and incomplete knowledge transfers.