Customer Onboarding

Execute well-crafted onboarding plans in a consistent and repeatable manner

Create a single source of truth for all parties

It's confusing to have data scattered across a myriad of emails, files, and systems. In addition, keeping everyone on the same page becomes tedious and time-consuming.

Eliminate confusion by storing data centrally and sharing the bundle with all stakeholders.


Standardize third-party collaboration

Different third-party partners, integrators, and consultants have varying levels of process maturity.

Ensure a consistent customer experience by creating structured Flows that manage third-party collaboration with clearly identified roles and responsibilities and order of operations.


Monitor and manage customer adoption

Stop wondering or guessing about the progress of customer onboarding and adoption. Don't be at the mercy of third-party integrators.

Take control of your customer onboarding workflow and proactively monitor progress with your customer and third-party integrators.