Team Member Onboarding

Accelerate your new team member's time-to-productivity

Grab the flow from the Marketplace

Grad the onboarding flow template from the Marketplace created based on best practices from the HR experts at Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

Simply customize it for your team!


Ensure proper hand-offs for the new-hire

Submit structured asks using forms and validations to prevent mistakes during hand-offs.

Ensure that down-stream departments have all the information they need to properly prepare for the new-hire's first day.


Provide new-hires with an onboarding flow

With a structured flow, you set clear expectations for new team members during their onboarding.

Provide a visual flow of the process to make it easy and simple for new people to follow.


Give them tasks with instructions

Eliminate unnecessary emails and back-and-forth from typical questions, ex: where are the links, templates, etc.

Provide tasks with instructions, links, etc. so that people can be successful without outside help.


Guide new-hires through the process

Pipeline guides new team members through the process step-by-step.

Make it simple for new people to onboard, reduce your team's training duties, and accelerate their time-to-productivity.


Integrate Pipeline with your HR systems

Integrate Pipeline with your HR systems using our Zapier integration.

Automatically create a new onboarding ask whenever someone is hired and eliminate the manual work.