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Apr 21, 2023

Introducing Pipeline

Pipeline is a cloud-based, workflow orchestration platform that ensures people, both inside AND outside your company, get things done right, the first time.

With Pipeline, you get the transparency and accountability you need to maintain momentum for you and your team:

Orchestrate what to do

Instead of having tasks scattered across emails, phone calls, and files, have one central, master list of what needs to be done.

Detail how to do it

Embed clear instructions with governance to clarify expectations, minimize confusion, and ensure tasks are done correctly.

Automate hand-offs

Define roles & responsibilities and order of operations to create frictionless hand-offs from one person to the next, even across companies.

Track and measure performance

Monitor activities and analyze KPIs to make data-driven decisions, uncover bottlenecks, and improve over time.

Let's get started

Whether you are someone who just signed up for Pipeline or a new-hire being introduced to Pipeline, this guide will help you get started, walk you through key features, and share industry expertise and best practices so that you bring operational excellence to your organization. 

Let's start with the Pipeline essentials: flows and asks.

 What's a Flow?

A flow is an automated, digital step-by-step process that ensures people gets things done right, the first time. Following the flow is what enables you to have predictable and consistent results.

Examples of flows include:

  • Onboarding a new customer
  • Coordinating installations between customers and installers
  • Requesting and approving a timesheet for invoicing
  • Planning an event
  • Onboarding new-hires or contractors

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 What's an Ask?

An Ask is created when someone kicks-off your flow. People create asks based on your flows when they need something done.

Examples of asks are:

  • John requesting a reimbursement for a taxi ride last month
  • Mary approving someone's timesheet for last week
  • Jim planning the sales conference next Fall
  • Gary onboarding the new-hire who's starting next week

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Need Help?

You can always chat with our support help desk and talk to an actual human! Or, schedule a 1-on-1 session with one of our specialists. Just choose from one of the 4 options:

Essentials »

Schedule a 20 mins session to learn about Pipeline key concepts and features.

Professional »

Schedule a 20 mins session to learn about Asks and Steps in Pipeline.

Advanced »

Schedule a 20 mins session to learn create, use and manage Pipeline Flows.

Flow Review »

Schedule a 20 mins session to review your Flow performance and analytics.

Do you need dedicated support to help you design, manage, and optimize flows? Check out our Managed Services add-on.

Next Steps

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Learn how to build and manage Flows.

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