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Jul 2, 2021

What is a Bundle?

A bundle is where you can create a collection of your Asks that you want to track the progress of. In a bundle you can see the Ask Name, step progress, and the current step owner giving you a screenshot view of multiple Asks' progress at once! Keep an eye on high priority items, tasks for a team project, different Asks that involve work for a specific client, and more.

Bundles can have Asks from the same or even different flows, add what you think is important to keep an eye on! And you can ensure multiple people can keep an eye on things since bundles can be owned by other users and teams.


Write a comprehensive description, bundle some asks, add some followers or transfer ownership to a team. Create an active environment that is informative and effective! 


Create a Bundle

Depending on what you are creating a bundle for, you might just need to simply bundle some asks together to keep track of them by yourself. If you are feeling bold and want to create an active bundle for team use, we suggest putting in the effort on the description to set your team up for an informative and engaging experience.


Bundle Description:

Get creative and think of the best way to structure your information.

Tips for Bundle descriptions:

  • Set it up like a temporary workspace for a project
  • Add information relevant to the project like logins, links, contact info or shortcuts
  • Use it as a comprehensive checklist and each ask as a completed item on that list
  • Use one of our templates in the bundle description for a more organized, professional look!


Bundle Description Templates:

  • You can choose a template when writing your description to be able to keep the information organized and easy to read.
  • In the description box, click the Insert Template icon to view the template options.
  • Currently there are options to have 2 or 3 columns, and you get to pick if you want your template to have headings or images!


Archive a Bundle

When you are finished using a bundle and want to retain the content, you can archive it by deactivation. This prevents you from having to delete any information that you might need to access later but now your view is not clogged with unused bundles! 

Enable the Include Archive toggle to hide or show archived bundles in your main view.