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Apr 3, 2023

A bundle is a custom dashboard of Asks that can be shared with others.

Examples of bundles include:

  • Q3 events
  • Current year's digital campaigns
  • Salesforce departmental onboarding and roll-out
  • Q2 customer support requests
  • Corporate merger activities (post Day 1)

Create a Bundle

Ready to create a bundle? Just hover over the Bundles icon in the left navigation and click Create Bundle in the pop-out menu to get started.

This will create an empty bundle that you can start customizing:

After you've built a bundle, you can find it on the Bundles screen.

Bundle Description:

Get creative and think of the best way to structure your information.

Tips for Bundle descriptions:

  • Set it up like a temporary workspace for a project
  • Add information relevant to the project like logins, links, contact info or shortcuts
  • Use it as a comprehensive checklist and each ask as a completed item on that list
  • Use one of our templates in the bundle description for a more organized, professional look!


Bundle Description Templates:

  • You can choose a template when writing your description to be able to keep the information organized and easy to read.
  • In the description box, click the Insert Template icon to view the template options.
  • Currently there are options to have 2 or 3 columns, and you get to pick if you want your template to have headings or images!