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Sep 24, 2021

What is a team?

A team is a group of folks who can own a flow, a step in a flow, and a bundle together. Examples of useful teams are Marketing, Approvers, Managers, etc.

Tips for a Team

  • Owning a flow: Submitters can ask questions to the entire team instead of just one person. No bottlenecks!
  • Owning a step: The team members can see incoming work and distribute it to those with capacity. 


Teams are made up of owners and members. The following chart details what the two roles can do:

Ability Owners Members
View & manage owners Y  
View & manage members Y  
View flows, bundles, third-party members Y  
View members from the teams page Y Y
Will receive contact email from the submitter Y Y
Will receive notification of step due Y Y
Can see and open flows owned by the team Y  
Can see and open steps owned by the team Y Y
Add a photo or image to the team Y  


Team Owner's view:

Owners of a team are able to:

  • View all members of the team
  • View all owners of the team
  • View and edit any flows owned by the team
  • View and edit any bundles owned by the team 
  • Add owners and members to the team
  • Add third-party users to the team  

Team owners view:


Team Member's view:

On the Teams page, members have a limited view. Members of a team can see:

  • The owners of the team 
  • The members of the team 
  • Any steps that are currently due by the team but have not be assigned to anyone yet (under Unassigned)
  • Ask Steps column: members can see any open steps owned by the team that have been assigned
  • The number of flows owned by the team - members are not able to view the actual flows

Team members view:

As you can see in the video below, team members only have the ability to see steps owned by the team. Members can view unassigned steps and assign them to themselves.


Want to know how to make a team? Read our article on Creating Teams.