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Jul 2, 2021

How do I access analytics?

Before we start asking questions about the flow data, let's get familiar with the Analytics pages. There are two ways to get to the analytics reports and both allow you to choose which version of the flow to view.

Find analytics from the Flows page

Start by clicking on the Flows icon on the left navigation. Find the flow of interest, then:

  • Expand the version and hover on the right side, click on the View Analytics icon
  • Analytics can be viewed from any version of your flow for all the Asks that were created while it was live


Access analytics from your flow

  • Open the flow and click the More Actions icon
  • Cycle through versions as needed


Overview Tab

You made it, great work! This tab gives you overall counts for a particular version of the flow.

  • Tabs: pre-built assessments of the flow with specific focal points.
  • Navigation shortcuts: these will take you to key topics on the tab.


Read Ask Analytics and Step Analytics pages to review what information is found in the rest of the tabs.