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Jul 1, 2022

What is the Marketplace?

We know that most organizations use processes that are in various states of documentation and may not be consistently followed. We wanted to provide our customers with a place to download common or standard business processes that every business needs, and that's why we created the Pipeline Marketplace.

  • Jump-start your organization with our ready-to-use flows from Marketplace
  • We have 35+ templates available and we are adding more each quarter
  • Download a template, customize to fit your company, and launch

Here are some of the free templates found in the Marketplace: 

  • Onboarding New Employee
  • Monthly Accounting Close-Out
  • Reimburse for Expenses
  • Submit Payment Request
  • Submit Support Case
  • Customer Feedback
  • Bi-Weekly 1-on-1
  • Get Technical Support

All of our templates have 💡Owner Tips and example instructions that will help you edit them to fit your needs and help others use it correctly.  

How to get started

  • Find Marketplace in the left navigation
  • Look through the categories to find the template you want
  • Click 'Get' to download


  • Once you've downloaded a template, go to your Flows page to find it
  • The downloaded template's name will be labeled 'Template' and have the date and time it was downloaded so it's easy to find
  • The flow is now yours to edit



Check out the Customizing Templates articles to guide you through setting up your newly downloaded flow.



Next Steps

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