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Flow Steps

Apr 10, 2023

Steps are actions that need to be taken in a specific order by specific people to achieve your goal.

It's not a random collection of things to do, like a to-do list. Steps ensure that you achieve your goal, by clarifying: 

  • What needs to be done
  • How to do it correctly
  • Who is doing it
  • When is it due
  • And, what happens next

This is how you get consistent, predictable results every time.

Customization Options

  • Edit: Change the instructions of the step, add files, add Smart Instructions, etc.
  • Create Form: Add a form field to your step
  • Duplicate: By clicking this you will duplicate the step, the duplicate step will appear directly below the original
  • More Actions: Under More Actions you have the option to delete a step
  • Skippable toggle: Enable this toggle to make this step skippable in any Asks created
  • Confidential toggle: Enable this toggle and only the step owner and flow owner will be able to see the instructions and form fields in this step 
  • External-facing toggle: Enable this toggle so people can complete the step and steps forms from an email

Make Steps actionable

  • Choose a simple, short and actionable step name. Example below:
    • NOT RECOMMENDED Step 2 - Train Team Members
      • This might take several weeks depending on schedules and could hold up the entire Ask unnecessarily
    • RECOMMENDED Step 2 - Send Training Calendar to Team Members
      • This can be completed whether or not the team members attend the training or end up rescheduled
    • PRO TIP: Set yourself up for success in this example by incorporating into a future a step a review with the client/lead on how many team members were trained.

Rename the buttons on the step 

The button on a step defaults to "Complete" and "Cannot Complete," but these can be changed to something more descriptive of the action the user will take.

    • Recommended:
      • Change "Complete" button to 
      • Change "Cannot Complete" button to "Add Approver"
    • To edit step buttons, click Edit on your step and change the text in the "Complete Button Name" textbox and "Cannot Complete Button Name" textbox

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