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Step 0 (Kick-Off)

Apr 10, 2023

Step 0 is how someone kicks-off your flow. You can make it internal only or external-facing so that anyone can access it.

With Step 0, you have a standardized and user-friendly way of kicking off a flow, as opposed to starting it haphazardly every time you receive an email. This makes it easier for everyone involved, because: 

  • You give users access to kick-off the flow at any time, 24/7.
  • You can educate users on what the process will be and set proper expectations
  • You can guide users through how to provide you with everything you need upfront
  • You prevent mistakes in data collection because you can have required field(s) or file(s)
  • And because it's part of a flow, you ensure users get immediate responses after their submission

Default fields

By default, Step 0 has the following fields:

  • Contact First Name (required, hidden for internal)
  • Contact Last Name (required, hidden for internal)
  • Contact Email (required, hidden for internal)
  • Ask (required)
  • Details (optional)
  • Files (optional)

These fields are the bare minimum requirements for kicking off a flow, and these fields can't be deleted, though they can be hidden.

Customize fields

If you want to add more fields to Step 0 or hide the default fields, you can custom it by clicking Edit.

External-Facing (Public)

Want to make Step 0 public so that anyone can access it (from your email, website, or social media) and submit? Just switch ON external-facing!

Then, copy-and-paste the url into your email, website or social media.