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Step 0 (Kick-Off)

Jun 28, 2022

Kick-off your flow by submitting a form in Step 0 and automatically create the Ask to track progress.

In your flow, step 0 is the Ask Form. When someone goes to create an Ask this is all the information they have to fill out before they can officially create the Ask and start completing steps. Need more information from people before they get started? Edit the Ask Form on step 0 to add what you need!

Create Ask Forms (Step 0) can not be saved in progress! Consider this when building long questionnaires or when require a lot of file uploads.

Making your Ask Form External-Facing

Weather it's a "Contact Us" form, client survey or feedback form, using Pipeline to gather information from people outside your organization is easy and effective!

  1. Design your Ask Form by editing the Create Ask Form.
  2. Toggle External-Facing on
  3. Important! Go to the Default Followers tab and toggle Auto-Add Submitter OFF
    1. Because the user for an External-Facing form is not typically in your company, you will not want an email to go out inviting them to login.


Best Practices

  • Gather specific details (details that typically get worked out with email back and forth)
  • Obtain dates and timeframes 
  • Gather cost estimates, limits or requirements
  • Use headings to create expandable and collapsable groups of fields.
  • Think about what material or links the submitter should view before they create their ask
    • This information can go in the flow overview (which is displayed when the user is creating an Ask)