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Search for flows

Sep 27, 2022

View all the Flows you own, by clicking on the Flows icon in the left navigation.

That will take you to the Flows screen where you can sort, filter, and search for the flow you're looking for.

Note, only Flows owned by you or your teams will be displayed.

Searching and Filtering

Search by keyword, key phrase, or negative (exclude) keyword

You can search for Flows by using the search bar near the upper right:

You can search via:

  • Keyword, ex: customer onboarding
    • Returns results that have keywords customer OR onboarding
  • Key phrase (by using quotes), ex: "customer onboarding"
    • Returns results that have the phrase customer onboarding
  • Exclude results with keyword (by using a minus), ex: customer -onboarding
    • Returns results that have the keyword customer BUT NOT the keyword onboarding

Just click the search icon  to find Asks with your search criteria.

Filter your results

Need to filter your results? Just click on the filter icon  in the column heading to filter by the column.

Once a filter has been applied, the column will highlight green.

To clear your filters, either deselect your filters or go to More Actions (⋮) → Clear Filters.

Downloading Results

Need to find flows owned by a specific contact or team? Just click on the filter icon in the table column heading to filter by flow owner.

Duplicate, view analytics and delete flow(s)

For any existing flows, hover over the flow to see options (icons on the right) for managing the flow:

Note, you can only delete the flow if there are no Open Asks.