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Content Variables and Formulas

Apr 10, 2023

Content variables and formulas help you create smart step instructions or email notifications that:

  • Maintain a consistent single source of information to be shared across different steps and different step owners, especially if the shared information is updated AFTER a step is completed
  • Reduce the risk of mistakes by using automation to replicate and keep information up-to-date
  • Eliminate the need for manual copying, pasting, and uploading of the same information into more than one step (when it is needed by more than one step owner in order to complete their own step)
  • Save step owners from having to dig through previous steps to find the information they need to complete their own step

Getting started

All Pipeline Content Variables and Formulas start with {{ and end with }}

Create Smart Instructions

To get started, simply go to into any step. In Instructions field, click on the {;} icon and the Content Variable Library will appear to give you a list of options. There are 4 tabs you can choose from: 

  • System Variables - Submitter name, Step Owner Name, etc.
  • Account Variables - Company's contact info, Company name, etc.
  • Form Field Variables - any form fields you've added to your flow will be under this tab
  • Content Formulas - Pre-formatted formulas based on the fields in you flows

Just select what you want, and Pipeline will automatically add it to your instructions.

Next Steps

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Find solutions to the common use-cases, such as: personalizing your emails, adding conditional text, and more.

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Use the Content Variables and Formulas reference guide to build your smart instructions.

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Create smart instructions in Pipeline that contain both static instructions and data together so that step owners don't have to search or hunt for the latest file or data.