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Version Control

Apr 10, 2023

Pipeline's version control makes changing and updating your flows a breeze, even when your flow is actively being used!

Draft Mode

When you create a new flow, the flow will be in Draft mode. When a flow is in Draft mode, only flow owners can kick-off the flow to submit asks, for testing or demo purposes.

This gives flow owners a chance to test their flow, review it with stakeholders, and make adjustments before publishing it Live for end-users.

Note, to quickly delete all test asks, click Delete All Asks from More Actions (⋮).

Publish Live

When you're ready for end-users to use your flow, publish the flow Live. And once the flow is in-use, the sequence of steps in the flow become locked and cannot be changed unless you Delete All Asks or create a new version.

Note, only one version of your flow can be Live at a time. Once you publish a specific version Live, the previous version will be Deactivated.

Tips for using Flow Versions:

  • Inactive flows can be made active again if you need to revert back to that version.
  • Analytics and reporting are available by version, each version will have it's own set of analytics. Flow content and reporting data will match! 
  • Duplicating an Ask will only be available for the current live version of the flow.

Create another version

To create a new version, just click Create New Version. This will create a new version of your flow and put it in Draft mode. The previous Live version will remain unchanged and can still be actively used.

So now, in Draft, you can make edits and changes safely, because the previous version will not be affected by your changes.

Manage versions

Flow versions can be found on your Flows page or from the View Versions dropdown located in your flow.

From inside the flow 

  • Click View Versions in the top-right corner
  • The dropdown will show all versions of the flow, click on the version you'd like to open

From the Flows Page

  • Go to your Flows page, enable the Version History toggle 
  • Find your flow and click the dropdown arrow to the left of the name
  • All versions of your flow will show (draft, live, and deactivated)

Edits You Can Make 

When your flow is Live and Asks are already created you are still able to make edits to your flow. The following edits will update any Asks that were made from the Live version:

If you have Asks that were created on an earlier version, these changes will not apply to those. Only Asks created from the Live version will update!