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Due Dates

Jul 5, 2022

Clarify timelines by adding due dates to each step in your flow!

How to Set Up Due Dates

Open your flow and click on the Due Dates tab.

  1. Enable the Auto-Calculated Due Dates toggle
  2. Determine the number of days for step 1 to be completed after the Ask Form is created
  3. Key the rest of the steps off the Ask Form or previous steps
  4. Verify the example dates in preview section on the right
  5. NOTE! Due dates can be set on the step group, but not the individual steps within the group.

 Learn more in this short video on due dates!

Due Date Reminders

Pipeline will send multiple emails to step owners when their step has a due date. Reminders will be sent days in advance to remind the step owner and a reminder will even be sent if the step isn't completed on time. Pipeline automatically sends out reminder emails on this timeline: 

  • As soon as the step is open to be completed
  • 5 days before due date 
  • 1 day before due
  • Day of due date 
  • 3 days after due date

This schedule will always be followed when it makes sense for your flow, some of the emails will be skipped if they aren't needed! If a flow doesn't have 5 days in between steps, Pipeline will skip the "5-day-before" reminder email but send the rest of the emails out on this timeline.

 Due Date reminder emails will be recorded in the Activity Feed showing the Pipeline Bot sent a reminder to the step owner.


Step Group Due Dates

Only the step group itself can have a due date assigned. The sub steps will be due on the step group due date.

Due Dates in a Live Ask

All step owners will be able to see when each step is due. When things get backed up, there are a few ways we will let you know.

  • When a step is past due, there will be a "Past Due" badge
  • When an Ask is delayed by past due steps, there will be a "Delayed" badge
  • If a step is delayed and a future step is dependent on it, the due date of the future step will be pushed out.
  • For steps not dependent on a previous step that is now delayed, their due dates will not be changed.

If you have the Daily Summary Email notification enabled in your Notification Settings, you will not receive Due Date Reminders.


Due dates on a step group: