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Default Followers

Apr 15, 2023

Need a person or team to always be a follower whenever an Ask is submitted? Just make them a default follower!

Need someone to have access to Asks when they aren't a step owner? It's likely you'll have team members pulling data or keeping tabs on where a customer is in the process. In Pipeline you can add Default Followers to your flow, so this user or team will be added as a follower to every Ask.

Setting Up Default Followers

In the flow:

If you have a group of users that need access and updates on Asks, add them to a team and then set the team as a Default Follower! This way in order with adding new users or deleting unnecessary users you can just update the team.


Auto-Add Submitter

  • When this toggle is enabled: The user that creates the Ask initially will be auto-added as a follower
    • If the submitter initially not a registered user, they will receive an email inviting them to log in to Pipeline

If your Create Ask form is filled out by third-party users make sure this toggle is disabled so no external users are invited to log in to Pipeline. This will keep their view completely external.

Next Steps

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