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Apr 15, 2023

Need to give someone read-only access to an Ask so they can track or be notified of its progress? Just make them a follower!

Followers have the ability to view an ask or be notified of its progress even though they are not participants, ex: a key stakeholder, executive, or customer.

Search for asks that you follow

You can easily search for Asks that you're following by going to the Following or All tab.

Manage followers

To manage followers for an Ask, click the Followers tab.

To add a contact or team as a follower, just add their email or select their team name.

Note, you can only remove yourself as a follower, unless you are the flow owner.


Once someone is a follower, they will be to view and receive notifications for the Ask, but not make any changes except adding notes or files.

They can also remove themselves as a follower, if they wish.

Want to automatically someone a follower? Update your flow and either add them as a default follower or create a rule.


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