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Manage Flows

Apr 9, 2023

The only users who can see a flow are the ones who own it, but what do you do when you want your team to start using your flow to create their own Asks? 

Make Public

In the flow: 

  • Make sure that the Live toggle is enabled
  • Enable the Public toggle
    • If you receive the message "You must first set the category before you can turn this toggle ON.":
      • Click 'Edit' at the top of the flow 
      • Select a category from the dropdown, then click Update 
      • The category you select is where you will be able to find your flow on the Create Ask Page


Where to find your Flow 

  • Hover over Asks in the left-hand navigation, click Create Ask 
  • You will see the category that you added your flow to
  • Click on the category and you will see your flow's name and description
  • Clicking on the flow name will open the Create Ask Form
  • All users in your account will now be able to access this and start creating their own Asks

More Actions (⋮)

For even more capabilities, click the More Actions(⋮) icon.

Transfer flow owner 

Transfer ownership of this flow (and all its versions) to another Pipeline contact or team. The new owner will be automatically of this transfer.

Note, once you transfer ownership, you may lose access to the flow.

View Analytics

This option will open Analytics on all open Asks of this flow version, read more here 

Delete All Asks

Need to quickly delete all asks created for this flow version? Just click Delete All Asks

This is super handy way to delete all test asks you created when you're testing in Draft mode.

Email This

Click Email This to launch a new email so that you can share or announce this flow to other flow owners.

Open Support Case

Need help with your flow? Just click Open Support Case to get help from the Pipelineapp.io support team:

  • We can answer any questions you may have
  • We can review and help you identify any opportunities for streamlining or automation
  • We can help you implement any changes to your flow