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Aug 17, 2022

Are you tired of manually having to follow up with customers through emails, texts, or phone calls? Set up a reminder schedule and let Pipeline remind your customers for you! 

Setting Up Auto-Reminders

In the flow:

  • Enable the Auto-Reminder Toggle 
  • In the 'Edit Step X Auto-Reminder' box will pop up you can enter how many business days Pipeline will wait before sending a notification reminding them to complete their step
  • You can edit the following settings:
    • 1st reminder email date 
    • 2nd reminder email date (text message optional)
    • 3rd reminder email date (text message and voicemail optional
    • Indefinite reminder schedule 
      • In the 'Then, every X days?' box, you can set how many business days Pipeline will wait before sending out the next reminder notifications
      • Pipeline will send an email, text, and voicemail reminder
    • Upload a voicemail
      • If their phone number is in Pipeline you can upload a pre-recorded voicemail that will be sent to their phone on the scheduled date(s)  

Note: If you have your Daily Summary Email notification turned on in your Notification Settings, you will not receive Auto-Reminder emails

Note: Texts and voicemails will not be sent if their phone number isn't in Pipeline. Voicemails will not be sent if one is not uploaded. These notifications are completely optional!

Voicemail reminder script

Not sure what to say for a recorded voicemail reminder? Here are several tips:

  • Make it short. Who likes long, wordy voicemails? Keep it to under 1 minute, which is about 120 words max.
  • Remember to enunciate. Since phones today can transcribe voicemails into text, many people prefer to read the voicemail rather than listen. So, help the transcription by enunciating properly.
  • Have a clear call-to-action. Be clear on what you want the person to do next, ex: click on a link, call your office, etc.

Here's a industry standard template that you can base your voicemail on:

Hi, this is NAME from COMPANY. This is a recorded reminder that we're still waiting for your response for STEP NAME. We cannot move forward without it.

You should have also received an email reminder from us earlier today or a text message about this. Just click on the link in your email or text message to send us your response. Or, feel free to call our office at XXX-XXX-XXXX.

Again, this is NAME from COMPANY, and we appreciate your attention on the matter. Thank you.

Auto-Reminder in Activity Feed

Every time an auto-reminder is sent, Pipeline will log it in the Activity Feed for future reference.

Note, for auto-reminders, the initiator of the action will be Pipeline Bot.

Next Steps

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Do you find yourself having to constantly follow-up with customers: emailing, texting, or calling them? Here's how to automate all that with Pipeline using auto-reminders.