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Email-Only Steps

Jul 14, 2022

Automatically send an email to notify customers, update team members, and more!

If you need to send notifications to various stakeholders at certain milestones, let Pipeline automatically do that for you with email-only steps!

To create email-only steps, just select Email (No Action):

For Person or Team, select either an existing contact, a team or enter an email address of the person who should receive this email.

Customize your email

Additional customization options for email-only steps include:

 Add CC:

Do you need other people to be CC'ed on the email?

Just enter their emails in the CC: field. For multiple emails, separate them with a comma. You can even enter your own email if you want to CC: yourself.

 Change Reply-To

The Reply-To field determines where the email goes if the email recipient hits Reply.

By default, the email will be sent to alert@pipelineapp.io, but you can change it if needed, ex: send replies to your email or someone else's.

Just enter the specific email in the Reply-To field.


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