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Skippable Steps

Apr 20, 2022

We all know that not every step needs to be completed every time. So, how do you provide that flexibility?

Simply enable the Skippable toggle to give the step owner the option to skip this step.


Completing a step that didn't actually take place is a false positive of time spent and completed work. When you have identified a step in your flow that needs the flexibility to be skipped when the process does not call for it, we have you covered!


Skipping a Step in the Ask

  • In the Ask when you click the Complete button there will be the extra option 'Skip this step'
  • There will be a line through the step name to indicate that the step was skipped 
  • Skipped steps will not effect the analytics of your flow by showing as a step that needed to be completed
    • When viewing the analytics for your flow skipped steps will be displayed under the Open Asks, Completed Steps, and Canceled Asks tab separate from the completed steps


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