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Customizing Templates

Jul 2, 2021

Downloading a template is just the first step. We built the templates to give you a jumpstart of ideas and a process to think through. From there we recommend adjusting the template to suit your specific needs by referring to your internal systems and documents.

Tips for editing a template:

  • Transfer ownership of the flow to a team
    • Transferring ownership of a flow to a specific team or department will help with workload and accountability
  • Every flow has 💡Owner Tips provided, these will help you set up the template and give you tips to set up rules, recurrences, etc. to make the template easy to use
  • Add your own overview 
  • Review the steps
    • Add, rearrange or remove steps
    • Add or remove instructions in the steps
      • Recommended: links to guides, systems or reference material
    • Add documents or templates the step owners will need
    • Add update remove step forms
  • Assign steps to individuals or teams
  • Create or edit the Create Ask Form

Make Your Flow Public

Once you've customized your template and it's ready for use, make it visible to your company:

  1. Click Edit in the flow overview box 
  2. Choose a category and sub-category, this is where your flow will be found on the Create Ask page
  3. Enable the Live toggle
  4. Enable the Public toggle