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Manage Bundles

Apr 21, 2023

Archive bundle

When you are finished using a bundle and want to retain the content, you can archive it by deactivation. This prevents you from having to delete any information that you might need to access later but now your view is not clogged with unused bundles! 

Enable the Include Archive toggle to hide or show archived bundles in your main view.

Manager owners

Owning a bundle provides full edit permissions which are extended to everyone on the team if the bundle is owned by a team.  This is important to note because if two members of the team are editing the bundle at the same time, someone's edits will be lost.

Make sure to assign one person on the team the responsibility of editing the Bundle to avoid lost edits.


Manage followers

Followers of a bundle have 'read-only' access which is perfect for folks who need to stay informed but don't have any action to take.