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Manage Asks

Apr 3, 2023

Adding and Managing Asks

Bundles are a great way to keep track of a Asks in one place and adding Asks to a bundle couldn't be simpler! Once a bundle is created you can quickly add multiple Asks to it.

Adding asks to bundles from the Asks page:

  • Open your Asks page. You can filter by flow, step owner, etc. to find the Asks you'd like to add to your bundle.
  • Simply check the box to the left of the Ask (or Asks)
  • Click Add to Bundle in the top-left corner
  • Then choose the bundle you want these Asks to go to and click Add to Bundle 


Adding an Ask to a bundle from inside the Ask:

  • Open the Ask you want to add to the bundle
  • Click on the More Actions icon and select Manage Bundles
  • Choose the bundle from there!
  • You can also create a new bundle from this screen

Remove Asks from a Bundle: When inside the Ask you can also remove the Ask from any bundles. Just hover over the bundle name and click the 'x' to remove!


Removing Asks from a Bundle:

  1. From within the bundle, select the box to the left of the Ask you are removing
    • Click Remove from bundle
  2. From within the Ask: 
    • Click the More Actions icon, then Managing Bundles
    • Find the name of the bundle you'd like to remove the Ask from and click the 'x'
    • Click Update Bundles


Viewing the bundle from the Ask:

An Ask can be in multiple bundles at the same time. You can easily find out which bundles it's in by looking in the top right-hand corner of the Ask.

  • In the top right-hand corner of the Ask click the View Bundles icon
  • Any bundles that this Ask is in will show, along with the other Asks in the bundle